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The order went through successfully and you're now the proud owner of a CodeKit license. Thank you! Make sure the app is running, then click the button below to unlock it. Your license information and receipt have also been emailed to you for safekeeping. I really appreciate your support!

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If you don't yet have CodeKit installed, download the latest version by clicking here. Unzip the download, drag it to your Applications folder and launch it. Then, click the 'unlock' button above or in the email you'll receive shortly. If all else fails, choose Register CodeKit from the app's main menu and manually copy/paste your email address and serial number into the text fields in that section.

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You gotta turn on Javascript to order CodeKit. It's worth it; I promise.

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Volume Orders

Buy a License

Fill out this quick form to instantly receive a serial number that unlocks CodeKit. Own a 1.x license? Version 2 is a paid update, but there's a huge discount. Click the "upgrade" link in the pricing area.

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If you need the receipt to show your physical address, enter it above.

Choose what you'd like to pay. You get the exact same app no matter which price you pick, but choosing a higher one helps me add new features faster and qualifies you to beta test CodeKit 3 when I write it.

Upgrade Pricing

Enter the email address you used to buy CodeKit 1.x and your serial number, then click Check Eligibility. The prices above will adjust automatically if you qualify for an upgrade. (Grab your serial number by launching CodeKit 1 and choosing CodeKit > Register CodeKit from the menu bar.)

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Billing Information

Your card information is sent directly to Stripe for processing; it does not touch my server and I do not store it. I take your security as seriously as my own. (See the Questions tab for details.)

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NOTE: my server is being crushed by traffic at the moment. This may take several minutes to go through. DO NOT reload or leave the page once you place an order.

What does my license cover?

You can use your license to unlock CodeKit on each Mac where you're the sole user. I do ask that you not share your serial number with others, however. For example, if you work in a web design shop with 20 other people, please don't buy one license and use it for all 20 developers.

How do you protect my credit card info?

Your credit card details never even touch my server. When you submit an order, an AJAX request is fired via Javascript directly to Stripe's servers. (You can open up the Javascript and look for yourself; being a web developer has benefits!) This AJAX sends your card information to Stripe via HTTPS. Stripe verifies that information with your bank and then sends me back a "token", which is just a unique string without any of your card details. This token is what gets sent to my own server. After generating a license for you, my server sends that token back to Stripe and says, "Okay, charge the card." Stripe then attempts to charge your card and returns whether it was successful. The important thing is that your credit card details are NEVER sent to my own server, so even if I get hacked or my databases are compromised or the NSA starts snooping around, there is zero credit card information to be found. The token can never be used to retrieve card information, so it's useless to a hacker.

What if I'm still uncomfortable?

We can use PayPal instead. To do this, just follow the instructions on the Volume Orders tab. The downside is that it can take a day or two to get your license because I process volume orders manually. Using the order form with Stripe will provide a license instantly.

Why don't you offer refunds?

There's no way to easily "turn off" a serial number once it's been issued. If I offered refunds, people could just buy a license, unlock the app and then request a refund. They'd get their money back and still have an unlocked copy of the app. Not cool. Plus, CodeKit offers a lengthy free-trial period so it's easy to decide if you want the app before you buy a license. For these reasons, all sales are final.

Do you do volume discounts?

Yes. See the Volume Orders tab.

Seriously? My serial number is the length of a Russian novel.

Yea. It's a 4,096-bit cypher. It has to be that strong to stop key generators. Just copy and paste it exactly as it appears. Or, if you really hate yourself, I suppose you could type it.

When does CodeKit "phone home"?

CodeKit contacts my server in three cases: 1) to count license activations. (If I see the same license used to unlock 345 Macs, I know I need to investigate.) 2) To check for updates. 3) When you open the Assets area to download the latest list of Bower components.

What information do you store?

I store your email address, name and serial number so that I can retrieve your license if you lose it. If you provide a physical address, I store that as well. I also store meta-information: the date/time you placed your order and the price you selected. Finally, I store your IP address and billing zip code. These last two items allow me to report credit card fraud to law enforcement. I wish I didn't have to deal with scumbags, but I've had fraudulent orders in the past and I need to be able to fight back. I do NOT store any of your credit card details in my database.

Volume Orders

Because of past fraud, I handle volume orders manually. To get started, just send me an email: bryan at incident 57 dot com. We'll handle the payment through PayPal and I'll manually generate a license for you and then email it over.

Types of Volume Licenses

You can order a batch of single-user licenses. Just be sure to include a list of email addresses that I should use to generate the licenses. (Each license must be tied to a unique email address.)

If your organization has more than 10 people, you can request a multi-seat license. This license will be a single key/serial pair that's valid for a specific number of activations.