It's like steroids for web developers

CodeKit helps you build websites faster and better. See its flagship features below, then get a real feel for the app on the Videos page.

Version 2.9.1 (19142) Mac OS 10.11+ The trial includes all features and unlocks in place
Version 2.9.1 (19142) Mac OS 10.8+ The trial includes all features and unlocks in place
Compile Everything

Less, Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Typescript, Jade, Haml, Slim, Markdown & Javascript.

Auto-Refresh Browsers

Refresh browsers across devices: Mac, PC, iOS, Android & kitchen fridge. Never hit command+R again.

Bower Built-In

Install 6,000+ components with a single click: Bootstrap, jQuery, Modernizr, Zurb Foundation, even WordPress.

It Just Works

There's no grunting at a command line and zero setup. Just drop your project on the app and go.

Compile Every Language

CodeKit compiles Less, Sass, Stylus, Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript, Javascript, TypeScript, Markdown and Compass files automatically each time you save. Easily set options for each language on a file-by-file basis.

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Foundation, Bourbon, Compass ++

All your favorite frameworks are built right in. Just add an @import statement to your stylesheet and save. CodeKit will make it work.


Browser prefixes are a pain. Check a box in CodeKit and anytime you save a Less, Sass or Stylus file, the right vendor prefixes will be added automatically.


Tired of waiting for Sass to compile? CodeKit features libsass, a cutting-edge (but beta!) Sass compiler that compiles Sass files faster than you can click.

"I see CodeKit as a 'Next Level' application, kinda like Panic's Transmit is to the FTP-Client world."
Jørn Kinderås Web Designer & Developer

Refresh All The Things!

Save a file and CodeKit automatically refreshes any browser: Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android or kitchen fridge (yes, really). Watch your changes happen in real-time and see your website across devices without ever hitting command+R again.

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Success Compiled "app.scss"
Dead Simple

There are no browser plugins to install and no setup. Just click the "Preview" button, then enter the same address on your mobile devices. That's it.

Works Across Devices

CodeKit can refresh any HTML5 web browser. OS X, iOS 6+, Windows 7+ and Android 4.4+ are all supported. Every major browser, every major OS.

Live CSS Changes

CodeKit injects stylesheet changes without reloading the entire page, so you can style dialogs and other modal content with ease.

"I just bought a Macbook so that I can use your app. Such is my passion for web dev and purty code."
Corey Birnbaum A UX Designer and Developer

Nuke Syntax Errors

CodeKit has JSHint, JSLint and CoffeeLint built-in. Each time you save, CodeKit checks your file for syntax errors and shows them to you. No more hours wasted looking for that one missing comma that breaks a script in Internet Explorer!

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Completely Configurable

Easily customize which issues produce warnings: just click some checkboxes in the UI, each accompanied by a handy explanation and examples.

Enforce Team Style

Work in a team with that one guy who uses 2 spaces instead of 4? Make him fall in line by automatically enforcing your team's code styling.


CodeKit can now check CoffeeScript syntax too. This is especially handy for whitespace-sensitive languages where even the smallest typo matters!

"I may have designed CodeKit 2, but I highly recommend it for the designer looking to switch to a pre-processor workflow."
Guy Meyer A designer and frontend person

Source Maps + Minifiers

Develop like you're going to deploy. Don't wait until the end to minify your scripts and stylesheets only to find bugs; let CodeKit do it automatically as you work.

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Source Maps

See your original, un-minified code in the browser's web inspector for easy debugging. We'll just make it work.

Combine Files

Combine all your Javascript & CoffeeScript files together to reduce HTTP requests and make your page load faster.

Optimize Images

Losslessly reduce the file size of every PNG & JPG image in your project with a single click. Even faster pageloads.

Bower Power

Automatically browse, download and install over 6,000 components with a single click — from Bootstrap to jQuery to Zurb Foundation. Update to the latest versions with ease.

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Dependencies Simplified

Install a component and Bower will automatically fetch all required dependencies in one go. Want jQuery UI? We'll grab jQuery for you, too.

One-Click Updates

Update every component in your project, including dependencies, to the latest versions in just seconds. Less time wasted, more time working.

Automatic Information

See a description of every component and sort by GitHub star ratings — something you can't do with Bower at the command line!

Not convinced? Take these folks' word for it:

"Needs more aluminium."
Jonathan Ive Senior Vice President, Apple
"That sidebar looks familiar."
Cabel Sasser Founder, Panic Inc.
"It doesn't not NOT record every one of your keystrokes and then send them to us. Yet."
The NSA [redacted]
"We were going to discontinue the Mac in 2013, until one of our engineers showed us CodeKit."
Phil Schiller Senior Vice President, Apple
"Please stop quoting my employees."
Tim Cook CEO, Apple
"CodeKit 2! Yay! Yay! Yay!"
Zaharenia Atzitzikaki Web Designer/Developer
"CodeKit 2 is AWESOME! \o/ It's a requirement for my workflow: Coda + Git Tower + CodeKit. On. Every. Project."
Jen Simmons Host of 5by5's "The Web Ahead"
"This asset is undervalued. I demand that you pay $79 for each copy or I will tweet annoyingly."
Carl Icahn All-Around Terrible Human
"This new version totally rocks! If it weren't for CodeKit, I'd probably quit my job and become an accountant. And who the hell wants that?"
Brian Hart CodeKit 2 Beta Tester
"OH G$@#MMIT, he's even using their photos now! No more lawyers. Just send in your guy. Tell him to make it look like Panic did it."
Apple's Legal Department Mad At Me Since 2008
"I don't know if the app is any good, but Bryan is really cool."
Kate Upton Actual Girlfriend
"Wait a second. What the hell do you mean actual girlfriend?"
Matt Damon Actor
"I'm just going to keep ignoring you on Twitter."
John Gruber Author of Daring Fireball & UNC Fan
"Needs more green felt."
Scott Forestall Really Rich Guy