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  • Live Browser Reloading (have a change of pants handy)
  • Combine & minify Javascript files
  • Optimize PNG & JPEG images
  • Sass, Haml, Jade, CoffeeScript, Compass & Stylus support
  • Check scripts for errors with JSLint or JSHint
  • Sync settings across teams

CodeKit is a web developer's dream toolkit. It does everything that does, plus all the stuff to the right. Click here to try it and I promise: it will change the way you work, forever.

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The only thing easier is making fun of internet explorer

{Less} extends CSS with variables, nested rules, operators and more. If you're still building websites without it, you're an idiot. This app makes it dead simple to use {Less} by automatically compiling *.less files into standard CSS.

Developer Note: will be maintained with new versions of Less.js until at least 2015. However, the app itself will not see any new features. I'm focused on making CodeKit insanely awesome. CodeKit is the future, so you should check it out!

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Who's Behind {Less}?

An avatar for Alexis Sellier{Less} was created by Alexis Sellier. He's the guy you should really thank for making your life awesome. I just put together a graphical interface for the language.

Where Can I Learn More? is powered by Less.js. The best place to discover the full power of {Less} is the official website: There are also some great tutorials floating around:

Before you send me a bug report, make sure you've read the offical docs carefully. {Less} has been tested through and through and it's pretty rock solid. Odds are the problem is with your code. And if you email me about an issue covered in the official docs (like how to handle IE filter: statements), I will hire angry midgets to throw darts at you in your sleep.

Also, be sure to check out the alternate dock icon by Dmitry Fadeyev (the guy who created the original icon and {Less} website.)

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I thought LESS.js compiles in the browser?

It does. But not every developer likes the idea of making their site's styles rely on javascript. I'd rather compile LESS during development, deploy it as CSS, and rest a little easier. One fewer thing that can fail. I've found other developers agree, hence the app.

So, this doesn't use Ruby anymore?

Correct. If you're upgrading from 1.x, you can uninstall the old Ruby gem by opening a terminal window and typing: "sudo gem uninstall less -ax"

Do I need to install LESS.js or include it in my HTML?

Nope. The app comes with everything you need. Just put a "rel" link to the compiled CSS files, as you would for any normal website.

Does it support Growl?


Why is it Intel only?

Because the app uses Google's V8 javascript engine (the same one inside Chrome) to run Less.js. V8 is only compatible with Intel and ARM chips. Sorry. I feel your pain; I have two 12" PowerBooks still in service!

What if my LESS file has errors?

You'll see the error message from the compiler in the app window (or growl note). It's usually pretty helpful. Note that the compiler will NOT produce a CSS file until you fix the errors!

Why do I have to add folders and not individual files?

First, you can add files if you want; we'll just grab the folder they're in. We watch folders because it's easier. You might have six or seven less files per website, all buried somewhere in the site's hierarchy. Instead of mucking through the filesystem looking for them, just drop the root folder on and we'll find them for you.

Thanks, but I like the command line better.

Haven't been laid since 1994, eh? Don't worry; it'll happen when it's meant to happen. Or when you stop memorizing UNIX commands.

What do you use for work?

Used to be Coda, now it's Espresso. I still like Panic, but Espresso is simply better software. (Seriously -- have you seen its FTP interface? Incredible.) Also, Coda's tabs make me want to hit someone in the face with a 2x4 every time I use them. Espresso's "workspace" area, by contrast, makes me want to give someone a puppy.

What about version control?

I use Cornerstone by Zennaware. It's another awesome app. Better than Versions, in my experience.

Why did you redesign the website?

To more prominently feature my message to John Gruber during the World Series.

Who's better, Dylan or Springsteen?

Springsteen. Eat it, Jobs.

Click here to download the LESS CSS plugin.

Version: 2.8 (OS X 10.6+) | Release Notes

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